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As these have always formed the foundation of Garage founder Lisa Giannone's mindset, it fit when members of her informal workout group, made up of professional athletes, dancers and the athletically ambitious, began each workout with the mantra, "Let's Hammer!". Out of intense cardio sweat and muscle burn, Hammer Performance was born.


Lisa founded The Garage, a purpose built, thoughtfully appointed training and dance space "next door" to her long time sports medicine/rehabilitation practice, Active Care, built in large part to feature Hammer Performance Training. The Garage is not only the home of Hammer but now hosts other top level training professional programs in the edgy and hip space.


Lisa insists that all programs at The Garage run with this common purpose, using effective, cutting edge, scientifically crafted, frequently outside the box bodywork to create the next best way to train.


At The Garage, like in Hammer classes, we train people who are ready to push their limits and reach for their highest potential- in training and in life. We don't just train athletes, we train anyone who wants to work like an athlete- both in body and in mindset. We know that a strong, conditioned body breeds a champion mindset.


For Lisa Giannone, the founder of Hammer and the Garage, her training perfectly embodies both her view of exercise and the way she approaches life. 

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The Engineering of Your Body

Working a body to get real results is not a casual endeavor. The work must be calculated and precise.  

Training The Athlete In You

Being an athlete is an approach and a mindset. Its commitment. Its knowing that being able to go hard and go long is what gets “the win”.


Results You Can Count On

Not all workouts are created equal. Hammer is a method with PURPOSE.  It will create a change in how your body works, feels and looks.

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Join Our Classes

Passionate. Determined. Supportive.  Join a community of like minded people who aren't afraid to push limits to get to the next level.


Garage Classes

$30- Single Class
$140- 5 Class Pass ($28 class)
$270- 10 Class Pass ($27/class)



Find out why San Francisco Magazine called Hammer Classes "Lisa Giannone's quad-killing fitness empire".


A direct result of HAMMER, you feel like you can conquer anything.