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Benefits Of A Hammer Class

Not all workouts were created equal. Our bodies are machines and follow the laws of physics and physiology. For every exercise stimulus there is a response, and mostly a known response. When you understand how the body reacts to various stimuli you not only optimize the machine, you control it.

Hammer is designed to get a precise athletic result - strength, endurance, power, durability.  Our classes were designed to give you the control back. The control to make things happen. The power to improve. The power to move against gravity and to go hard.

Hammer provides the highest intensity cardio – maintaining a high sustained heart rate, pushing your cardiovascular limits opposing gravity and blasting more muscles per rep/step than any other available option.  Hammer classes are a perfect fit for your weekly high intensity cardio/strength slot.  Because of Hammer's specific training design, it CANNOT be swapped out for ‘HIIT', crossfit, pilates, yoga, barre classes, your tennis game or the like.

As an exercise consumer, understand that workouts differ in their effect on your body. Hammer’s design is for top level strength and endurance. It leaves no part of your body untouched.  Don’t settle for inefficiency - make sure you have added a good solid dose of high intensity cardio/spot specific strength training to your week. 

If running is the gold standard - and it always has been physiologically speaking - then Hammer is the platinum.

More Return On Your Investment

What Can You Expect From A Hammer Class?

  • Sustained pace: Hammer forces a pace that keeps you in the target intensity mode for the longest.

  • Multiple planes: Running, cycling and swimming work through one plane, forward. Like sport and dance, Hammer takes your body and muscles through all planes of body movement. 

  • Mental challenge: The shared experience of coordinated, all-out, high intensity exercise can yield results that far surpass solitary workouts. 

  • Gravity is the greatest good: Hammer keeps you moving against gravity for the entire duration of the class, yielding benefits you can’t otherwise get with cycling or swimming.

  • High Intensity Cardio: Sustained high intensity creates a cascade of physiological changes in your body that make you a strong, better working, high energy "machine". Hammer should be your “hard cardio day”. 

  • Efficiency: Because Hammer has every part of your body working, it uses the most energy per minute spent and has an afterburner effect (keeping metabolic rate high, and setting it to a new high/demand). 

  • Results: Hammer's movement training makes you a better athlete by improving acceleration, deceleration, speed, stability, power, and stamina - all of which by design make you injury resistant (protect your body, ligaments and joints from injury).

Want To Know Even More?


Upright Against Gravity

Since virtually every sport or activity involves moving against gravity, this is of primary importance when it comes to training.  It is only in this position that the maximum training effect can be realized on many of the systems we are attempting to stimulate when we work out. While there are benefits to isolating single muscles, the demand on every physiological system is increased when in gravity.  

This includes: Muscle utilization – recruiting and using muscles around virtually every joint in the body. Bone Strength – an increased axial load through the skeletal system strengthens bones. Cardiovascular Load – there is a greater demand on the cardiovascular system to sustain full body, upright exercise.Energy – more muscles equals more calories.  

The increased demand when exercising in gravity means more energy used and burned.  This category of work gives you the most benefit for unit of time spent by at a minimum 35%.

Dynamic Body Control + Neuromuscular Coordination

The workout is designed to teach participants to control the center of gravity.  Excellence in sport and activity is based on the ability to move and control one’s own mass, be it in simply staying upright against gravity, accelerating and cutting across a field or court, or jumping into the air.
Being able to understand how to feel, hold, decelerate, absorb and accelerate one’s own mass is how we become powerful movers and is INTEGRAL to Hammer’s design. The same applies for muscular coordination. Since it is difficult or impossible to self-analyze proper movement, one has to be coached in proper patterns.

These cues are designed into every Hammer workout so that the body and the brain are stimulated to learn coordinated movement patterns. Again, whether training to move across the planet well or for high performance sport, these are patterns that have to be learned and trained in your workout regime on a regular basis.


Impact Activity + Cardiovascular Intensity

Non-impact activities can fill a role in recovery and are great for cross training. Training without impact, however, eliminates the training benefits that we need to develop and maintain strong bones, healthy cartilage (if the impact is crafted well and controlled in volume) and an important dynamic, eccentric load to muscles and tendons. As well, impact activity is “costly” to your body and thus is associated with high calorie/energy expenditure.

Pace and Cadence

A high cadence drives workout intensity and ensures that you cannot be swayed into a suboptimal workload by your own perceived effort.  The additional benefit of a cadence or pace, when set to a beat of a song, is that there is a motivation in being able to match your moves to a rhythm and move in sync with the rest of the class. The beat pushes the workout and drives the participants to move at a set cadence in order to maximize control, coordination and intensity.


Multi-Planed Body Movement  and Injury Resistance and Prevention

There are few (if any) other workouts or training systems that methodically take the body and each joint through every plane of motion and every range for which they are designed. When moving through multiple planes, one learns to activate specific muscles and muscle groups, mobilizing the joints responsible for safe and high level movement. Without specific training, the ability to precisely control multi-plane action is lost. This type of training lays the foundation for athletic performance and injury resistance.
Elements of prevention and injury resistance are specifically integrated and planned into the Hammer workout training system. The specific movement patterns integrated into every class are designed to recruit all key mobilizers and stabilizers of force across each joint of the body.   Training muscular shock absorption and stabilization is how we use our training to protect joints, limbs, spine, and core.