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Train the essential athletic functions of strength, endurance, core control, reactivity, speed, and durability. Created by Lisa Giannone, Hammer is a body weight based HIGH intensity workout that will improve fitness and performance. More specific than cycling or running, the training involves a series of athletic movements, ones that replicate the varied directions your body must move in sport (and life). Paced to music, the class enforces a rate of work and intensity designed to train body and mind to push into greater levels of physical function.

The workout has the added element of training the proper movement mechanics shown to prevent injury by almost 50-percent. Hammer Training is an athlete's "gold star" prep for their next season - or for life. Those wishing to improve fitness, speed, explosiveness and athleticism are encouraged to join. 

“My background, academic training and experience treating pro athletes, dancers and the athletically ambitious over the last 26 years make the HOW and WHY behind what we do in the Garage and with the HAMMER workout matter to me." – Lisa Giannone, MPT


The Better You Get, The Harder It Becomes

Our classes meet you where you are and continue to push you. Which means our workouts never get easier because the better you get the more precise you can go - the better you can perform the work, the more pay off you can extract from it. Hammer classes provide athletic movement training and an intensity that you continually must work to master.

Sustained high intensity creates a cascade of physiological changes in your body that you can't get from interval training.  These changes occur at the cellular level and make you a stronger, better working, higher energy and durable “machine”. 

Hammer classes demand a maximum heart rate response, driving your cardiovascular response up to its highest levels of output.  When training that way, you not only have the hang time to go longer, but the afterburners to go faster and stronger than your opponent.  Without a powerful heart rate response, you can't do anything (in sports or in LIFE).



  • 55+ minutes cardio
  • 25+ minutes body weight and strength conditioning
  • Pace: fast


  • 25-40 minutes athletic movement conditioning
  • 50+ minutes of body weight strengthening and weight lifting
  • Pace: moderate plus


  • 30 minutes cardio
  • 30 minutes body weight and strength conditioning
  • Pace: moderate


  • 60 minutes high intensity continuous weight lifting intervals
  • Pace: moderate to intense

Take A Look Inside A Hammer Class

Video by Ben Pierce Creative (Camera: Erin Brennan, Music: Minimal Loca by Casual)