“In the past few years I have been less than thrilled with the MANY fad workouts that I have tried sticking to. I tried to get into yoga, spent a year doing Pilates, spent multiple years doing a barre workout, tried soul cycle, barry’s, you name it. What frustrated me was that I felt like I was committing a lot of time and not really seeing any results. I may have felt good for working out but I really wasn’t seeing the types of changes I wanted to in my body.

“A few months ago, a friend invited me to try the HAMMER and after one class I was completely hooked. I was so intimidated at first but felt completely excited once class began. I’ve never sweat quite like sweating during HAMMER, and I walk out of class feeling euphoric for the rest of the day. It’s a very challenging workout but also the most rewarding. The results are remarkable: I’m seeing muscles I haven’t seen since high school, and it didn’t take many classes for me to start feeling that. I strongly believe that this is the most effective workout I have ever done in my life. The best part is the team spirit that you experience in class, everyone is cheering one another along and you start to see familiar faces week after week. I’m so excited that I finally found a workout that keeps me interested and feeling completely fantastic.”


“I feel like there is a great feeling of joy during the workouts – they are exciting, intense but always super fun!  I always feel challenged and inspired to push myself more than in any other workout.  I also feel like Lisa focuses on strengthening in a very different way from other workout classes.  You can really see her deep knowledge of physical therapy and the human body shine through in the exercises she creates.

“I would recommend HAMMER to those who want to push themselves in a fun way, to those who love to workout to great, eclectic music, and for those who are looking to shake it up in their exercise routine!”


“The Garage reminds me of my former boxing days. The workout challenges me physically, no question about that, but what makes HAMMER so special is how it challenges my mental toughness.  Throughout the workout, I have to talk to myself and set mental goals to keep on going.  HAMMER with Lisa conjures the famous Shakespeare quote, ‘fatigue makes cowards of us all.’  This is why I love the HAMMER workout.

“When you are mentally tough and physically fit, a direct result of HAMMER, you feel like you can conquer anything.  When you feel young it affects all areas.”


“I have had the privilege of enjoying Lisa Giannone’s work out since I retired from my career as a principal dancer with San Francisco Ballet in 2010. I have enjoyed every minute of it!  I didn’t know what I would do to stay in shape after I retired and have found this to be the perfect fit.  It is a full body workout that incorporates aerobics with muscle strengthening and core work.  I find it exhilarating and inspiring and would recommend it to anyone looking to maintain a healthy and active body and spirit.  It is, however, not for the faint hearted.”


“Lisa’s technique and energy are unparalleled.  Workouts with her are intense, focused and fun and have kept me in shape for the last decade!  I recommend HAMMER to anyone who is serious about getting and staying in shape, either for improved performance in competitive sports or for an improved quality of life.